About Us

Our mission


To help the underserved communities and at-risk youth use soccer as a resource to become future leaders in our communities.

Founder - Executive Director - Ty Booker


 My entire life has been around helping those that need help the most. I was born and raised in the inner city of Brooklyn East New York. It was there that I had to learn to do what it took to survive and be tough. I fell in love with the game of soccer when I moved to Delaware in 1999. It was a natural fit for me utilizing my natural abilities. Now, I want to build this program, at UADL, into something that helps our at risk youth. The focus being to teach the youth the greatness of soccer and how it can help direct their lives while giving them that competition they desire. I will not stop until we can spread this program across the entire country.  

Co - Founder - Director of Training - Imran Khan


My name is Imran Khan. I jumped on board with Ty once I found out about this great cause. I am very passionate about soccer and helping it grow in our communities. I have been around soccer all my life as my dad was a coach and its simply in my blood. I have played as long as I can remember and continue to play but coach more so now. A little about myself. I was born in Suriname and lived in the Caribbean for most of my childhood in Barbados, Curacao and Puerto Rico . I attended Goldey-Beacom College (GBC)  where I played for their men’s soccer team also. I graduated with an undergrad and master’s degree from GBC.  I have been coaching for about 5 years now, I have had the pleasure of coaching both the boys and girls side of soccer. I have learned a lot on both sides and also put forth the effort in helping with youth development and TOPS. I strongly believe in helping others and when I can have donated equipment, uniforms, and soccer balls to different organizations around the world. I look forward in creating this great opportunity for others and helping our next generations of future soccer players.