Participant requirements


Be a STUDENT first!

The best part about being a student athlete is the idea that you are a student first! We require a 2.5 GPA or C+ average to remain a member of our club. We require quaterly check-in's. Don't worry, we will support you all the way. 

Have a positive attitude!

We are dedicating our time to you. We just want all of our participants to enjoy the art of soccer. Be creative and have fun while developing your skills. 

No fighting!

We understand that sports can get competitive. I mean, it's the idea. However, we are all in this to help each other be better people.There are three chances that are given before we remove you from our program. 

Be communicative!

If you're sick, let us know. Are you not going to make it, let us know. Having trouble with school, let us know. The bottom line is, please let us know if you are having trouble. 

Have fun!

Soccer is a sport that focuses on creativity. We want to teach you the fundamentals of the game and help open up your creative side. We want to learn and be competitive, however, we want all of you to enjoy the time there.  


What are the costs? 

None for open sessions! Travel teams vary on age groups. 

What times are training's?

Mon-Sat. The times are listed on the website. 

What is the goal of the program?

We want to help teach soccer to our youth and help them build confidence and develop talent. The ultimate victory is to see our players make it to any school on a full scholarship playing soccer and learning.